Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Developement-Installation and Setup Problems

In this section I want to talk about the difficulties I passed through when I started Windows Phone 7 Development.
  • First, I needed to install Phone development tools as stated on the development site.
  • The tools are located at:
  • I faced the first surprise: Those tools are working and running on only Windows 7 Operating System. No Support for XP.My PC's OS was Windows XP.
  • I Decided to create a virtual machine for this purpose. Second note: You Need VM Ware 7. older versions don't support Windows 7.
  • After preparing my VM, I was able to download and install the Developer tools, which included Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express (for phone development) + an Emulator.
  • Creating and working with Visual Studio was fine, but...The Emulator refused to work in any way ! It starts loading but hanging after a while and giving an error such: "can't establish a connection" and when you turn it off, you see an error in Visual Studio stating that: "Deployment error on line 0" !
  • At first, I've thought that could be a memory problem, so I've added a new RAM to my pc. but nothing has changed.
  • Then moved to install VM Tools and Visual Studio 2010 full Professional Edition. again, with no hope.
  • I've done a research about this.And, as stated by some people and developers: "The Emulator is not supported on a VM" or "The Emulator is implemented like a VM, so it would be a VM inside a VM and won't work".
  • I've done my last try.I Installed Windows 7 Locally on my PC. But, the Installation didn't complete.My PC was refusing to accept Windows 7, It was a hardware compatibility problem!.
  • Then I Moved the VM to another PC, and here I faced a surprise ! The Emulator was working without any changes. So, the things which were said about the Emulator and The VM working together are not absolutely right !
  • My final advice: Be sure that your MotherBoard, Processor , and Display card are compatible with Windows 7. In that Case your emulator should work locally and on a VM.

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