Monday, April 12, 2010

Why are we building these apps?

Like it often happens with software projects, the train was out of the station and the project started before we even decided what we were doing.

In our case, the the experience itself is worth the effort. We will learn enough about the various mobile computing platforms to make it worth completing the project even if the resulting application is not worth using.

Research tells us that most iPhone applications downloaded from the app store are not used again merely one day after they get downloaded. Getting people to download your app is one thing but making software that gives enough value for a person to continue using it after the novelty wears off is another thing altogether.

One of the best ways to make sure that people come back is to do some research. In our case, research would have to be done to answer those basic questions:

What is the context of use for this application? In particular:

  • Why would someone use it?
  • When would they use it?
  • What value would the application provide to them as a parent?
  • What would motivate the parent to enter all that information in the app?
  • What is the likelihood that the parent would come back to the application once the novelty buzz wears off?
For now, I just have questions. Later I hope I'll be able to have answers. If reading this makes you think of other questions, use the comments to start a discussion.

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