Monday, April 12, 2010

*Something* .... has gone wrong.... somewhere...

2010-04-12 Day 5

As of last week it seemed that I really had the core concepts down so I decided to take my hello world project and minimize it to the smallest working size possible so I could repeat what I'd learned in a non-hello world project. Unfortunetly at some point *something* changed. I know the source code and header files are not modified because I didn't modify them, but the xib and other project files... I'm not sure. Before on friday afternoon the touch handler was working consistently, now the touch handler is failing consistently just like it was before I restarted from scratch the first time. Even deleting the elements, readding and rebinding them does not fix the error. Once the error is there, it stays there.

I recreated my hello world project from scratch -again- and this time took a snapshot of the files while it was working to compare with the broken project. The broken project xib's files seem to be missing some references inside common nodes, also the broken file has multiple copies of the objects. I'm not sure how it happened but I think the Interface Builder got confused somehow while I was using it. Note to self, copy working files often when using Interface Builder.

I've also made another change today, instead of loading the project off the local drive on the mac, I've set up a symbolic link to a network share on my actual computer. This means that I'm no longer forced to try and figure out how to do ridiculously common tasks like comparing two files with stupidly unfriendly new and different mac tools. In order to make this work I had to change the default build directory to a local folder. Right Click on the project in XCode -> getInfo. "Place build products in > Custom Location" (pick any local folder).

Just in case anyone is curious, the problems with interface builder happened before I switched to using network shares.

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