Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello, Hello World

2010-04-08 Day 3
For the last day or so I've been stuck on seemingly random errors every time I try to bind an event handler to a method in my controller. Finally today I decided I must have done something wrong at stage one since nothing I'm doing seems to have any effect on the weird errors. So I scrapped my current project and started fresh. I now have a hello world program working in just under an hour! woot.

I Wish had decided to restart from scratch a while ago. Having a working hello world program is a very minor accomplishment, but it feels really good. Just when I was starting to worry objective C would get the best of me, I get a nice small victory to end my Friday with. Now that I have a working button I want to minimize my code, clean it up, and compare it with the project that was giving me all those errors.

I did track down one error I was getting for a while. There was a typo in one of the tutorials I was reading that had addSubView instead of addSubview. Again, really missing intellisense.

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