Friday, May 7, 2010

Chart Control for Windows Phone 7

The experiences that we've gone through on Windows Phone 7 so far have been very astonishing. Loads of controls are absent from .NET Compact. You have to find a workaround for anything that's not there. This makes life bitter.
Here are a few limitations to outline. They are not encompassed with something general, just a list of what I faced so far:
  • no local database support (as already mentioned in this and this blogs)
  • no TabControl, no DatePicker (the complete list can be found on msdn)
  • no IComparer (the common IComparer is supported, but for templates it's not)
  • in usual WPF there is Button.Children, but here we don't have it
  • no ChartControl (about them we've talked on those two pages)
OK, enough of disappointments now. Here is the good part. Macadamian developed a Chart Control which you can pick up for free. The chart looks like the one in the screenshot below.

Don't pay specific attention to that outrageous pile of letters called "Parandzem". That's an Armenian name (by the way that's a female name) that I left to appear on the phone. The rest are the "Baby Weight Tracker" application left-offs, and the chart of course.

You can download the dll of the chart here.

In the coming days another control will be available to fetch - DatePicker. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the post, can you please re-post the download link? It says the download slot has expired?

  2. how can I download the free chart control for WP7?

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